Services offered

Consultancy, detailed engineering services for power/process plant automation consultancy, detailed engineering services for total sugar plant automation Software devolopment services for Distributed Control System (DCS) applications.

Design, development, implmentation and commissioning of complex control systems, using conventional ‘pid’ control and fuzzy logic.

Design, development and supply of critical components for biomass and cogeneration fuel feeding and combustion systems.

Fuzzy logic based controls

Avant Garde has sucessfully designed and implemented a fuzzy logic based control system for boiler steam temperature at Bannari Amman Sugars - Sathyamangalam. Steam temperature was widely fluctuating earlier when tie breaker opens or there is a change or mix of fuels.

After implementation of fuzzy logic there is vast improvement in the temperature control resulting in stable steam temperature Avant Garde can implement the above fuzzylogic based control in any existing controlsystem,if the client desires so.

Avant Garde would be very happy to get associated with clients in solving similar problems in their plant using fuzzy logic.

Avant Garde has also developed a fuzzy logic based control system for optimising the performance of cooling tower by controlling the speed of cooling tower fans there are lot more such developments in fuzzy logic under progress in Avant Garde. Non-linear processes with large time constants are difficult for pid control systems to control, but are most ideal for fuzzy logic based control systems.

Neural network based controls

Avant-garde also has performed many experiments on the application of neural networks. Very soon avant-garde intends to implement neural network based controls in their on going projects

Avant Garde systems and controls specialisation
  • Implementation of energy conservation projects like, Control of boiler drum level by control of feed pump speed using VFD
  • Steam temperature control using fuzzy logic
  • Sugar plant mill, evoporator automation
  • Air cooled condenser control using fuzzy logic
  • Combustion control systems for various types of biomass fuel firing sysems
  • Training engineers in power plant engineering & automation
  • Retrofitting, refurbishing jobs in automation

Design, development, implementation and     commissioning of complex control systems  
  AVANT-GARDE Engineers and Consultants (P) Ltd.
  AVANT-GARDE is a Business Associate of Indian Renewable Energy Projects in India and Overseas.
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